Product Returns Instructions


  1. Review our Return Shipping Policies
  2. Fill out this form
  3. Re-package your item
  4. Use return service label

Step 1: Return Shipping Policies You can find these rules on your pick/pack list in your box, or at this link: Return Shipping Policies

Step 2: COMPLETE AND INCLUDE THIS FORM IN YOUR RETURN SHIPMENT To help us process your return faster and without any possible confusion. Printer Friendly Version

Step 3: Re-package your item. Please return shoes in their original shoe box placed INSIDE a shipping box. We will not take items back that are shipped in a product box because then it’s no longer in “new” condition. Packaging counts for “new”. So you either need to ship it back in the original box it was sent in, or find another shipping box. Products themselves must also be in new condition, i.e. not used and with no blemishes, odors, stains, etc. Items not found to be in new condition will not be accepted and will return to you.

Step 4: Use return service label (OPTIONAL).  You may use a UPS Return Service Label provided through our online form for an $8 fee. It is there for your convenience. Some items are NOT eligible for return. ie. Customized jerseys and Clearance Items. Please review your order information for more detail on eligibility for refunds on returned items.

Your Name: ___________________________________ Order Number: ____________________________ Reason for Return:
_____ Exchange for another item.
_____ Request a full refund.
_____ Exchange Due to Defect.
Item(s) to Exchange/Return:
Part # Product Name Reason If defective, please explain the defect in detail.
Item(s) to exchange for: (Please provide product numbers if available)
Part # Product Name