Goal Keeper Gloves Size Information

Usethese steps to determine your glove size:

  1. Measurethe circumference of the fullest part of the palm, excluding the thumb.
  2. Then round up to the next highest inch. Measureboth hands and use the larger size.
  3. Then add 1 to the measurement to determine glovesize.

NOTE: goalkeeping gloves are typically worn as muchas one inch over the length of your fingers.

Field Player Gloves (Not used by goalkeepers. Best used byfield players during cold weather.)
If the field player gloves are sized numerically (4-11)please use the same measurement technique described above. If they are sizedas Small, Medium and Large please consider the following:

Small - Typically sizes 4-7
Medium - Typically sizes 7-8
Large - Typically sizes 9-11