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Nike SCCRX Soccer Shoes

Nike has been hurting them for as long as anyone remembers! Complete boss mode from the Swoosh giants giving players total freedom, totally help them with snatching the streets, the courts, the fields and anywhere soccer is played. The brilliant Nike SCCRX is a sharp collection of soccer shoes featuring the MercurialX, MagistaX and HypervenomX! The X stands for the number of players in the 5-a-side game. Like the names show, these shoes are remixes of those popular FG shoes (Mercurial, Magista, Hypervenom), they have the added awesomeness of colorways unique to the small-sided game!

Nike MercurialX Proximo Review

Nike revolutionized the indoor and turf shoe game when they released the MercurialX Proximo. The X stands for the number ten, which is the total number of players in small-sided matches. The boot features the dynamic fit collar that is found on the Mercurial Superfly. The same Flyknit upper is found on the Superfly used for outdoor as well, but this time for the 5-a-side games you play in during your time off from outdoor season. The Turf and Indoor outsoles are designed to give the player the best possible grip on each surface while also being cushioned enough to keep you comfortable. The black upper gives off a stealth-like look while the shattered glass effect on the Nike swoosh is also reflective to make you stand out. These boots are awesome and for anyone looking to step up their small sided game, check these out... read the rest!